Jeru Ecology Services

Jeru Ecology provides a range of services, which includes bioremediation and soil enhancement using their patented Mystic Microbes for natural and organically sound cleanup of hazardous waste and promoting healthy soils.

Organic Agriculture
Completely organic, Mystic Microbes provide a non-genetically engineered and non-pathogenic solution to enhance crops for farmers, growers, ranchers and vintners. The microbes convert inorganic substances into organic compounds to ready soil fertile by providing nutrients for plant growth. The more microorganisms added to the soil then the more productive the soil.

In-Situ Bioremediation
Using Mystic Microbes added to any contaminated site means no soils need be removed, transported, stored or treated off-site. Mystic Microbes, when added to the existing contamination, clean up occurs naturally, organically and non-pathogenically to leave each site in a less harmful condition.

Rice Straw Disposal
Using Mystic Microbes on rice straw – not the live rice plant – will speed up the natural process of decomposition. Once sprayed on the harvested fields and watered, the microbes munch away at the straw and stubble. The consistency is that of wet tissue.

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