Mystic Microbes – How it Works

Our services include using Mystic Microbes, in our unique organic bioremediation process. Mystic Microbes offer a clean, environmentally friendly approach to cleanse contaminated soil through non-manufactured, non-pathogenic microbial cultures with no preservatives or additives.

Tested over a 30-year period and evolved over 25 strains, Mystic Microbes act as soil amenders to restore soils to their original pure condition. Tiny microbes remediate soil to remove pollutants and imbalances to restore contaminated sites and agriculture back to original condition and improve the environment. The microbes function as soil amenders to:
• Revive and restore soils
• Strengthen plant systems
• Positively affect and recondition contaminated sites
• Improve gardens and compost
• Enhance agriculture

USE FOR: Soil Clean-Up and Promoting Agriculture Soils
Mystic Microbes create a biological treatment process to clean up contaminated soils in the way nature intended. Mystic Microbes grow in the presence of motor oil or gasoline (hydrocarbons) and must be “fed” nutrients such as yeast or kelp, fishmeal and molasses to flourish. Jeru Ecology staff nurture Mystic Microbes until the tiny micro-organisms acclimate to the motor oil or foreign substance and eventually “learn” to eat or digest it.

Once in the acclimated state, Jeru Ecology introduces Mystic Microbes to sites where it goes to work to ingest unwanted pools of spilled petroleum-based contaminants. The microbes naturally perform well in a compressed period of time. Using Mystic Microbes eliminates the need for:
• Use of nitrates
• Extraction of chemicals from your soils
• Concerns about industrial waste

Once remediation is complete, customers no longer have hazardous-waste sites in need of clean up. Instead, land is left in a healthy, natural and organic condition to support plant life and improve the quality of growth. Mystic Microbes not only remediate the soil but rejuvenate and restore soils to a healthy balance to strengthen plant-root systems.

Mystic Microbes is ideal for farmers, ranchers or vintners interested in growing commercial crops that yield in greater abundance and produce much healthier growth. Mystic Microbes also work on industrial waste sites to restore them to a healthy, natural condition.

Mystic Microbes:
• Are a microbial hydrocarbon degrader
• Provide a soil-amendment process
• Provide plant growth to promote composition
• Should be used for the sake of plants, animals and people
• Brings soils to life