About Jeru

Jeru Ecology launched in 1990 as an idea sprung from the backyard of its original founder Frank Slavensky. His patented Mystic Microbes became a home-grown invention Slavensky literally stumbled upon in his own backyard compost pile and eventually transformed into a new business venture.

Slavensky famous among his family members for being a self-made organic chemist noticed that oak and walnut leaves and black fungus in his backyard failed to compost. He used his self-taught biochemistry skills and developed a concoction where he applied decaying substances to the compost pile to speed up the process. A few heaps of grapefruits, apricot and tomatoes later and something strange happened. Slavensky randomly planted a shovel in the degradation pile and noticed it fell over on its own – unusual since it was pushed in deep. He curiously discovered he was onto something special.

He transferred the compost materials to barrels where he began feeding the microbes kelp, fishmeal, bone meal and molasses to strengthen the batch and then added a drop or two of motor oil to see if he could train them to eat petroleum-based products. Soon thereafter his “invention” did its work and cleaned up the waste – and thus, created Mystic Microbes.

Mystic Microbes destroy contaminants biologically into harmless elements whereas traditional treatment technologies contain and isolate it but don’t treat. Using microbes to treat contamination is called bioremediation. Contaminants can be treated on site, which reduce costs associated with treatment since it requires no soil removal. Mystic Microbes provides a safe, effective biological treatment to clean up soil contamination.

Today, Slavensky’s daughter Christine Costi has taken over operations to continue her father’s desire to be a good custodian of the environment. Walking in her father’s footsteps makes Costi feel proud and inspired to help others remove contamination from the environment and realize her vision to leave the Earth a better place.